“Less is compromised but wireless is for generation next”. At Oresmart, we not only give you great sound but also lifestyle enjoy. Whether you are handling busy work at office or spending joyful time with your loved on--es at home, we accompany you by delivering sound to sooth your soul and that too in style. Oresmart is one of the leading electronic manufacturers based in Guangdong, The company ‘s product line consists of Wi-Fi Speaker, Multi-function Sound bar, Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Earphone, BD smart amplifier and many others supporting devices. We believe in delivering high-class products facilitated by most up-to-date technology and in-built facilities. We grab the advantage of technology, software and production specifically sound-effect lead to deliver technology driven and high-end products to our customers. What make us customer- oriented and self-sufficient is our in-house Research & Development, manufacturing and selling that have been performed autonomously. We believe to change people’s lives with the touch of technology. The motto of company is very much client oriented.
Technology is for making peoples life easy and fast. Our homes are full of automation that gives you liberty to pace up with speed and modernity. The intellectualization is for smart generation who wants everything in one touch.
We respect traditions but wish to transform the TRADITIONAL HOMES with INTELLIGENT HOMES. Making the concept of INTELLIGENT HOMES accepted and universal is the aim we keep.
Technology Innovation
We breathe in the limitless sky of technology. Technology gives us strong repulse to improvise our products quality which satisfy our clients and that is our true reward. We invest in innovation with the trust that our innovation help our clients for quality lifestyle and also meaningful to society at large.
We focus to deliver EXPERIENCE along with product solution. We enhance the lifestyle of our clients by fulfilling their emotional and social need in their homes. We want our clients to believe that Technology also comes with human touch.
A HOME reflects the soul of who lives in. A well designed home gives you space, comfort and moments to cherish with your family and friends. Just as you take care of light and air to flow evenly across all rooms, go one step ahead by adding ‘Sound’ on your list. Our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Speakers feel your home with the sound you love which replaced the old speakers with wires everywhere. Our devises give smart solution with better design that suits your test. The Multi-function Sound Bar and amplifier are designed specially to suit your mood and control volumes.The wireless devices give you one touch solution with remotes and supporting devices.So for the smart generation,'Wireless System'is the convenient and stylish option to wow yourself and your familiy.